Species Lists

Martineau Gardens Butterfly Species List

Urban locations, like Martineau Gardens, are havens for wildlife. Our Gardens are just two miles from Birmingham City Centre, yet there is so much biodiversity here –  the landscape of Martineau Gardens is organically maintained, and a policy of ‘best practice for wildlife’ influences gardening activities.  Part of our work in looking after the wildlife at Martineau Gardens is to record what species visit this urban oasis. Wildlife Volunteers Andrew Curran and Brian Perry are responsible for most of our wildlife records. Thanks to the dedication of Brian and Andrew, we have a number of species lists –the latest list to be published is the Butterfly List. This record goes back to 1984. You can view a spreadsheet of our butterfly species list here:


Our wildlife records are submitted to EcoRecord, the ecological database for Birmingham and the Black Country. EcoRecord is a not-for-profit service run in partnership for the public benefit – it collects, manages, interprets and disseminates information of known quality relating to the wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats of the Birmingham and the Black Country area.