About Us

Our mission is to inspire people about the natural environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities in the garden and are a venue for educational activities. To read more about our charitable objectives, click here.

Martineau Gardens is the registered charity that manages the gardens and wildlife area. We are a therapeutic  Community Garden and a Visitor Attraction.

We have many regular volunteers who contribute so much to the gardens. We also have corporate volunteers from local businesses.

We have a Friends Scheme to support us financially and ‘fund the unfundable’ (the day to day or unexpected costs) that do not fall within any particular funding stream. Please do consider becoming a Friend of Martineau Gardens.

Our Members elect Trustees at the Annual General Meeting to take responsibility for good governance, financial oversight and ensuring compliance with our legal responsibilities. You can read our latest Annual Report presented at our last AGM here.

Activities at Martineau Gardens include:


Alys Fowler

To find out more about our patrons, click here.

Our Trustees

Peter Arnold, Tim Bruton (Chair), Liz Hensel, Felly Nkweto Simmonds, Cathy Powell, Peter Townley MBE and Tom Walkling.

Find out more about our Trustees here.

Our Staff

Excepting our CEO, all our staff are part-time specialists.

CEO: Jenni Fryer

Therapeutic Horticulture: 

Lead: Jacky Hotchin

Wellbeing Support Worker: Kim Knowles

Therapeutic Support Worker: Isis Bradshaw

Deputy: Jane Bradshaw

Environmental Education Teacher: Juliette Green

Administrator: Felicity McCabe

Fundraiser: Ruth Harvey

Marketing and Communications: Sarah Hill-Daniel


Annual independent examination of accounts: BVSC

Bee Keeper: Sam Walker

Wildlife recorders: Brian Perry and Andrew Curran