Courtyard Garden

Martineau Gardens created a beautiful new Courtyard Garden in 2018, thanks to the support from Jo Malone London. It includes two pools linked by a rill, an alpine scree garden, scented shrubs and flowering plants, improved hard standing surfaces and extended, improved wheelchair access.  

Our beautiful Courtyard Garden was officially unveiled on 26 June 2018.

Tuesday 26 June 2018 saw the official opening of The Courtyard Garden created by Martineau Gardens Volunteers and supported by Jo Malone London. We were joined by Andy Street (CBE Mayor of the West Midlands) who along with Caroline Hutton (Retiring Director)  and Charlotte Nicholson (Jo Malone London) gave speeches before cutting the ribbon.

Pictured above: [TOP] Caroline Hutton, Martineau Gardens & Douglas Allenby, Landscaping & Andy Street, CBE Mayor of the West Midlands & Charlotte Nicholson, Jo Malone London & Adam Lawlor, Jericho    [BOTTOM] Martineau Gardens Volunteers and Staff with Jo Malone London Team

About the Courtyard Garden

Located at the heart of the Gardens, between the woodland and the formal area, it’s  a space to linger and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Martineau Gardens. Volunteering is at the centre of how we work at Martineau Gardens. Our volunteers were involved in decision making with comments and creative input gathered from all,  and the landscaping and gardening work achieved by volunteers, staff, local social enterprises and trusted professionals.

Here’s our story on creating this wonderful space. 

November 2017

January 2018 

Pictured here, this is one of our new ponds in construction. 

March 2018 

Staff from Jo Malone London came from across the country to join our garden volunteers for a day of monthly gardening sessions. At this stage, most of the hard landscaping had been completed, and the planting could begin. Our hardworking team of gardeners worked together to plant a 25 foot hedgerow, running parallel to the children’s shipwreck play area, with a mixed range including field maple, holly, hawthorn, hornbeam and alder, in time this hedgerow will become beneficial for the wildlife, with nectar-rich blossom in spring, a larder of berries in autumn and plenty of opportunity for mammals and birds to forage and nest.

An interview with Douglas Allenby – pictured above beside the rill

Martineau Gardens appreciates the support we have received from Jo Malone London. Without their generosity, the Courtyard Garden would have remained a dream.

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