Outcomes and progress of participants

Our administrator Jane Bradshaw, has an interest in Impact Measurement and has set up a system based on the Warwick Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale, this started in January 2017.

When asked ‘What does coming to the Gardens mean to you? Comments included:

  • Being part of a team, learning and gaining experience of gardening and having a work ethic and meeting new people.
  • It gives me a couple of hours to unwind, chill and I leave feeling happy
  • I enjoy coming to the garden to meet and socialise
  • Being around nature, in good company and a supportive environment which helps me feel better
  • I get to spend time with people whose company I enjoy. I believe in the mission and the good work of Martineau Gardens. Get the opportunity to learn of other people’s problems and aspire to become a more empathetic person
  • It gives me my independence and more self confidence
  • It’s a safe place for me to be. It’s a big green hug whenever I come here and I can see the lasting contributions I have made. The hardest thing to do is go home
  • I meet different people and enjoy the work
  • I look forward to coming to the gardens. I feel good about myself when the session is over and I feel like I’ve achieved something.
  • Gets me out of the house
  • I enjoy doing something that is useful to other people and meeting my friends and getting involved gardens with the jobs that need doing
  • It gives me a sense of belonging. It gets me back to nature. I love growing plants and working outdoors in a lovely green environment. It gives me a healthy lifestyle and gives me the chance to meet and talk with lots of different people from different backgrounds. It is like an escape from the pressures of life.
  • Meeting people with the same interests. Being active, Getting rid of tiredness and improving my stamina. Learning about plants.
  • It helps me get out of my thoughts and into the world more. It helps me listen and learn to be social in a safe place.
  • Looking forward to something
  • It means meeting new people and learning new things
  • It means a lot to me. It feels like a good job