Reducing the plastic in play May 24, 2021

For those of you who have been following the story regarding the renovation of our Shipwreck Play Area, you will remember how we have been focusing on a natural play experience, which will engage children’s imagination. With our commitment to wildlife and the environment we wanted to keep materials as green as possible, creating a green play space that reflects our values was important to us.

We were delighted when local business Envirotoy got in touch with a good deal around their plastic-free toys. They gave us a number of sets and we were so pleased with them that we bought additional sets for busy times.

Stuart Loach (Envirotoy) with the plastic-free toys by the newly created sandpit

Pictured here, Stuart Loach (Director, Envirotoy) personally delivering the plastic-free play sets. The wooden sand play sets are made from ‘planwood’ a type of moulded wood that uses left over sawdust and good for waterplay too.

Prior to the official launch, our volunteers gave the sandpit area a test run and of course, a cermonial sandcastles were made.

Members of the Garden Team give the buckets and spades a test run!

Stay in touch with our plans, by following the story on social media. You can find out more about Envirotoy here.