The return of Martineau Mondays! March 8, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Martineau Mondays are returning to the gardens.

This is a great opportunity to do some activities that encourage wellbeing and creativity, as well as a chance to socialise with others. 

The sessions are drop in sessions and completely free – all are welcome! If you would like to come along please just turn up a bit early on your first session so we can register you and show you around so you know exactly what you can expect.

You can also talk to us before you come by emailing or calling 0121 440 7430.

Green woodworking

Join us for green woodworking with Path Carvers from Monday 8th April, 11:30am onwards. On the morning you will have a chance to try out some relaxed green woodworking with JoJo and Sean from Pathcarvers. Green woodworking includes turning unseasoned and unprocessed or ‘green’ wood into finished products using only hand tools. You can find more information about Path Carvers is below.

Tai Chi and Mindfulness

Our Tai Chi and Mindfulness sessions will be starting the week after, from Monday 15th April from 10:45am on. There will be a gentle guided Mindfulness Walk through the gardens, followed by Tai Chi from 11:15am – 12 noon.

Visitors are welcome to join in with both activities, but please note that there will be a bit of an overlap in the start times of the sessions.

About Pathcarvers

Pathcarvers is an organisation bringing traditional crafts and creative arts to all areas of the community. Part of their project is to help introduce traditional crafts and creative arts to sections of the community that would not usually have the access or the opportunity to experience the beneficial effects that they can bring.

Along with spoons, coat hooks, bowls and other beautiful crafted objects, our Martineau Monday participants and garden volunteers have also made a bench made from green wood. The bench was created in memory of one of our longstanding garden volunteers who passed away at the end of last year, and it will be a cherished part of the garden for years to come!