Bee there for bees May 19, 2023

It’s World Bee Day on 20 May 2023 and here at Martineau Gardens, we do all we can to make Martineau Gardens a beefriendly garden. Much of our appreciation of ‘bees needs’ is shared though our popular beekeeping courses. * Delivered by expert volunteer beekeepers, Sam Walker (Martineau Gardens Beekeeper) and Jane Nimmo (Let it Bee), these give members of the public a chance to put on a beekeeping suit, get hands-on with bees and begin to think if they themselves could become a beekeeper.

As a food-growing community garden, one of the things we aim to share with volunteers and visitors (including local school visits) is the importance of pollinators in the foodchain. We garden organically, and the volunteers on the therapeutic horticulture programme come to understand how by leaving a few nettles here, a pile of logs there, they’re supporting a range of pollinators from honey bees and bumblebees to hoverflies, butterflies, moths and beetles.

Insect pollinators are important for our environment and for biodiversity. Without them seed production by wild plants as well as flowers, vegetables and fruit grown in gardens would be jeopardised – pollinators allow plants to produce fruits and seeds which birds and other animals rely on. We were delighted to have our efforts in demonstrating pollinator friendly habitats and food sources to the public recognised by The Bees’ Needs Champions Awards recently.

Honey made by the bees of Martineau Gardens is currently on sale and available from the plant sales area – all profits from the sale of the honey is ploughed straight back into the charity.

Thank you to Sam and Jane for running the beekeeping courses, here at Martineau Gardens.

*Our beekeeping courses are sold out, but to go on the waiting list for any future courses, please email