Gardening days in April April 17, 2023

Here’s a few highlights from this week. It was a windy day on Wednesday, with lots of April showers but the challenge was on to get the asparagus bed weeded before the next downpour.

The rain sent us diving for cover, but a good opportunity to get on with sowing more seeds In the comfort of the keder greenhouse – broccoli, peas, parsnips,beetroot, black-eyed susans, nastutriums and sweet peas all sown.

Our enthusiasm for hot composting continues. After emptying it recently, we’re starting anew. Former colleague Caroline Starr dropped in to share her passion and knowledge with the Friday group. We’d all brought in compost contributions from home – pictured here, everyone hard at work, snipping the compost down to the bite size pieces required. One tray, a work of art! Caroline showed us how to layer up the compost, beginning with the starter layer of twigs, enabling the air to circulate.