Hot composting in the gardens March 31, 2023

Though we’re closed until Tuesday 4 April whilst our building works are in progress, here’s an update on some of the activity the garden team have been doing, earlier in the month.

Buoyed up by all the inspiration and tips we got from the The Compost Connection CIC workshops recently, it was great for us to get some hands-on experience in emptying the hot composter.

Though the day wasn’t as cold as it has been, one of the things that’s really nice about hot composting is lifting the lid and feeling the warmth – even on a relatively cool spring day – hot composting works by trapping the heat that is produced – micro organisms in the garden waste break down the organic material and this release water, carbon dioxide and heat. It’s the heat which speeds up the composting process – our hot composter produces compost several months quicker than our compost bins.