World Bee Day – Martineau Gardens May 18, 2022

20 May is World Bee Day – we couldn’t get by without bees at Martineau Gardens.

Beekeeping at Martineau Gardens – with Sam Walker – a film made by WeChaseTomorrow

Our volunteer beekeeper Sam Walker is passionate about bees and is on a mission to help would-be beekeepers to take their first steps. That’s why she’s organised a special beekeeping experience in September.

Likely to be taking place in September 2022, there will be two 2-hour sessions, a chance to experience what it’s like to be a beekeeper including a good look in a bee hive. (Beekeeping suits wuill be provided!) One in the morning, one in the afternoon – just 6 places on each and the cost will be in the region of £20. Booking in advance will be essential. To register your interest at this stage, send an email to and we will notify you when tickets go on sale.

Find out more about how we look after the bees at Martineau Gardens here.

Our thanks to Nico at WeChaseTomorrow who donated his time to make this film for us!