Renovating the wildflower meadow April 1, 2022

Restoring the wildflower meadow to its former glory is well underway. Despite a day of snow, rain, sun and hail, volunteers turned out in mass to get involved – we had a mass seed sowing activity covering the restored area with bee-friendly and butterfly-mix of seeds.

Our wildlife ‘meadow’ located behind the children’s play area, is an important resource for wildlife, particularly bees and butterflies. Created 15 years ago, we look after it by cutting and raking it at specific times of the year to encourage its diversity. We leave seedheads in place to drop their seeds for future growth, and a winter feast for birds. However over time the area has become quite choked with hogweed and there’s less of the wildlife-friendly plants we would expect to se. In recent months it has been receiving the attention of the therapeutic horticulture volunteers. It was a tough job, scraping off layers of topsoil, roots and debris in winter but all the volunteers worked hard and the land was left ready for the spring sowing. The area will quickly replenish and as we move into the warmer months this year, we can expect to see plenty of wildflowers returning.