World Mental Health Day 2021 October 6, 2021

The arrival of autumn can often feel disconcerting but here at Martineau Gardens, we garden together, whatever the weather and feel all the better for it. The colour in the Gardens at this time of year bring such joy, from berries and fungi to foliage and even the odd crabapple still hanging, it’s a pleasure to spend time outside and connect with nature.

For people with existing mental health conditions, the strains of the continued pandemic and seasonal change can contribute to greater dips in wellbeing, the tranquillity and calm of Martineau Gardens brings stability for many of our regular volunteers on the Therapeutic Horticulture programme. The culture created here can go a long way in navigating these unsettling times, volunteering providing a fixed point in times of turmoil.

This Sunday 10 October 2021 is #WorldMentalHealthDay – an opportunity for us all to check in on our own mental health. At Martineau Gardens we support people with mental health issues through therapeutic horticulture.

Jenni Fryer, Acting CEO for Martineau Gardens said: “Martineau Gardens is open six days a week – we invite all our supporters and visitors to take a moment to benefit from the peaceful surroundings here by visiting. If you haven’t been here for a while, come and see us and if you can’t do that, donate to help us continue to flourish..”

Whilst we are closed on Sunday 10 October, Martineau Gardens continues to be open for free, Mondays to Saturdays, 10am until 4pm and entry is free.

We are appreciative of the long-term support of our corporate partners:

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