Good news – shelter from the storm March 1, 2021

Now the vaccine programme is well underway, we can’t wait to welcome back our volunteers as soon as lockdown provisions allow.

Therapeutic Horticulture Set to Continue

With Covid restrictions continuing into 2021 and in anticipation of frost, rain, or freezing fog, we have been considering our options for January and beyond. Gardening together on the Therapeutic Horticulture programme is a mainstay of many volunteers’ lives, and maintaining safe space indoors is key to facilitating winter work.

The lack of dry (leakproof) working zones was a problem we were struggling with, when we were contacted by Mind with a generous offer from the Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund.  Happily, we have now repaired the potting shed roof area and can continue to employ additional staff to facilitate the smaller working groups.  Volunteering is scheduled to recommence on 8th March, and on their return volunteers can look forward to dodging the wind and rain as they plant seeds in preparation for spring planting out, propagate plants for our sales area or repair outdoor furniture ready for the better weather when we hope to be able to welcome many more visitors to the Gardens.                                          

Did you know? In non-Covid times we can have up to 15 individuals. The Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund is enabling us to create safe space so we can continue to do this, with additional staff cover for groups of two or three people.

The Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund aims to help Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations based in England continue to provide mental health services during the coronavirus pandemic. Mind is administering the fund in partnership with the Mental Health Consortia, who represent the leading mental health organisations in England. The programme is supported by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC).