Wildlife Report just in May 23, 2016

Identifying moths before they are released

Brian Perry our volunteer wildlife recorder, popped in with his latest report. Once a week, he tours the Gardens, recording what he sees. The data is logged at Eco Record . The weather today is cool – today’s report is full of sightings of insects.

Butterflies: Red Admiral; Orange-tip; holly blue; speckled wood;

Bees: white-tailed bu,ble bee; tree bumblebee; buff-tailed bumble bee

Ladybirds: the summer meadow (behind the shipwreck play area) is rewarding for sights of ladybirds – today Brian has seen: one seven spot; two 14 spot (yellow and black) ; orange lady bird and several of the non-native harlequin variety.

Spiders: along the track, small spider with a pale green upperside has been spotted – it’s name is cucumber green spider.

Moths and Beetles: Brian and Andrew Curran regularly carry out moth surveys, using a moth trap. you can find out more about moth-trapping here (no moths are harmed during this nocturnal activity). Brian says, “It’s really too cold at nights for moths, but we did have one visitor recorded: the Flame Shoulder Moth – accompanied by two beetles, the may bug (or cock chafer) and a black sexton beetle.”

Red Campion in the Summer Meadow at Martineau Gardens

Red Campion in the Summer Meadow at Martineau Gardens