Care Compost March 8, 2016


Martineau Gardens sells Care Compost. A 40 litre bag costs £4.50

This compost is a 100% peat free and has been made from recycled materials and there are no dded fillers. This is a nutrient rich multipurpose compost. Ph value 6 to 65 at time of testing. 

The compost can be dug in to beds. Or you could let the worms do the work, put it on top of the soil and it will retain moisture, prevent weeds and feed the soil. Good for supporting ‘no-dig’ method of gardening. 

If you’re considering using it for potting up plants in containers, we recommend that you mix it to a ratio of 50/50 with a finer multi-purpose compost. 

It’s bagged in white recyled and reusable bags – keep dry.

*Updated June 2023