The Herb Patch Course Sat 27 June June 16, 2015



Calendula (pot marigold) growing in the Herb Beds at Martineau Gardens

Calendula (pot marigold) growing in the Herb Beds at Martineau Gardens


Herbal Medicine Week takes place from 20th to 28th June 2015.

And Martineau Gardens is holding a special course: ‘The Herb Patch – growing and using our own medicines’. Taking place on Saturday 27 June 2015, in the grounds of our beautiful community garden, retired Medical Herbalist, Nicola Peterson (National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) is leading this one day course. Using six well-known and easily grown herbs grown in the Gardens, Nicola will teach participants how to prepare safe and effective home-grown herbal treatments for common domestic health problems.

For more details about the course, and how to book on, visit the Course Page, here:

“Many people do not realise that herbs have been used since the beginning of time to treat human ailments. Medical herbalists can use these age old treatments to help patients with their conditions.   Whether their problems are physical or emotional, many people are amazed by how well herbs really work! The week is held in June each year, during the week that includes Midsummers Day, to take advantage of the widest range of medicinal plants that can be found at this time of year ”                                National Institute of Medical Herbalists


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