Ready, Steady … Grow! March 28, 2014

A Report on the Big Dig Event

Muddy hands was the order of the day at our first event of the year. Stewart and Rachael led a series of family-friendly gardening workshops, as part of our Big Dig Event on Saturday 22 March, 2014

Muddy hands, wildflower seedbomb making

Our free event was aiming to inspire you to grow your own, no matter how big or small your grow space is or how much or how little experience you have. There were drop-in food growing workshops and family-friendly activities to inspire even the most reluctant gardeners to don their gardening gloves. 

Wildflower Seed Bombing- Stewart showed family groups how to make wild flowers ‘seed bombs’. Made from compost, clay and wildflower seed, the muddy balls contained seed attractive to bumble bees. So, when the flowers grow they will attract bumble bees, who in turn, will pollinate the flowers and crops we grow at Martineau Gardens.
watering the mix, wildflower seed bomb making
Wildlfower seed for bees, making seed bombs
Pictured here, children are stirring and watering the balls, before ‘bombing’ our new wildflower area beside the Tai Chi Lawn. 
Throwing wildlfower seed bombs 1
Throwing the wildflower seed bombs, crop on bomb
Rather than buying new herb plants, why not grow your own from cuttings? Rachael showed children how to take cutting from the sage growing in the herb bed at Martineau Gardens and how to pot them on to take home and grow.
Getting up close to Herbsm learning how to do herb cuttings
There were also guided tours of the Gardens, taking in the growing areas, the wildlife areas, woodland and formal areas and refreshments available from the Pavilion.
BC with her own sage cutting, Big Dig
Plants and Produce area, at the Big Dig Seed Event