Growing Together November 24, 2010

Stewart has been working with ‘The Growing Together Group’ from the Birmingham Working Age Dementia service. Occupational Therapist, Jeremy Smith approached Martineau Gardens to develop a programme of activities specific to the needs of younger people with dementia. Whilst cognitive functioning and memory are affected, the need for activity and opportunities to socialize are important for this group. Having experienced unexpected premature loss of roles and responsibilities, their needs differ significantly from those of older people with dementia. Jeremy said: “It’s been really satisfying to see everyone having a go, joining in with a common goal and feeling some responsibility in what they’re doing. The Gardens offer a very peaceful environment and the opportunity for our service users to enjoy activities and the time they spend there”. Over the next few weeks, look out for the group’s works around the Gardens, including a coffee table with new mosaic cover and a series of pottery planters that will be filled with plants propagated on site.