Green Help October 24, 2010

A team of volunteers from Lloyds TSB Commercial in Birmingham spent a day with us building raised beds for the vegetable plot. We’re now looking forward to improved drainage for the beds which will enable more vegetables to be grown together.Landscape Architects Atkins have also been lending their support. They are tackling the thorny issue of the appearance of the entrance and car park area. The project began with the donning of gloves and secateurs: Volunteers from Atkins’ have trimmed and shaped the trees and shrubs and removed the laurel on our perimeter fence line. We look forward to future work with them.

We have been happy to welcome back building firm Carillion. They have built a coldframe for us, in which we are growing tender crops. They have also improved shelter for humans by re-roofing the area where volunteers chop logs and built a shelter for the bike-shed (no more wet saddles!). Our thanks to Nick Reay and the team.