Buy Logs and Support Martineau Gardens October 7, 2021

If you visit the Gardens during the winter months, you’re likely to hear a ‘plink’, ‘plink’ sound. This is the sound of wood being  chooped, by hand, by the Garden Volunteer Team. Wood is donated to the Gardens by Tree Surgeons, and then gets chopped up by the volunteers and sold to customers as logs for wood-burning stoves or open fires. Not only is this an important source of income for the Gardens, but it provides plenty of physical exercise for our volunteers!

Chopping Logs, Martineau Gardens

Due to the change in recent legislation requiring that logs sold for fires must be below 20% moisture content, we have been galvanised into action and, thanks to a lot of hard work from volunteers, we now have the capacity to store bags of dry logs for sale to visitors. Our overhead costs and the time taken for storing, chopping, testing and bagging up the logs have increased and so it has been necessary to increase the price to £12. Our reusable hessian sacks cost £3 and they remain an ideal way way to transport your logs home.

We are very grateful to our log chopping team who continue to keep the supplies up and running and to you, our customers, who choose to support our cause by buying logs from Martineau Gardens.

If you’re making a special trip to purchase logs, we suggest you ring us first to check supplies.

Supporting a good cause: all profits from the sale of logs are ploughed back into the running costs of Martineau Gardens