Weathering the storm March 25, 2020

We need your support more than ever during these difficult times. Please help us to carry on so that we can still be the hope in many people’s lives. As a small organisation we’re facing all the challenges that temporary closure (due to Government advice around Covid-19) brings.  With public visits, venue hire and events postponed, and the corresponding income streams removed, we are doing our best to weather the storm.

Donations now will ensure our running costs are met meaning we can continue to be the place where people, plants and wildlife meet.

We are trying to look after the Gardens as long as we can, within the current guidelines. We look to the future where we can be a safe and welcoming space for all to connect with nature and improve wellbeing. Many of us will need this more than ever.

Our Gardens still need to be tended, during this temporary closure, and we are hugely appreciative of those who are in a position to be able to get to Martineau Gardens and keep on top of the gardening.

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Local Giving – our chosen on-line giving platform for collecting donations (including gift-aid), have reduced their fees. Find out more here


Flying the Flag at Martineau Gardens July 19, 2017

Volunteering is at the Heart of Martineau Gardens – the Green Flag award celebrates the efforts of volunteers and staff in keeping Martineau Gardens open six days a week, throughout the year.

The Green Flag is out again – eighth year running! Congratulations to all our volunteers, supporters and staff who help to keep Martineau Gardens, open for free, six days a week throughout the year. The Green Flag Community Award celebrates their hard work and dedication.

Green Flags are awarded by the Keep Britain Tidy environmental charity in recognition of lots of important things that go on within parks and green spaces. Many of these tasks are going on behind the scenes: from managing our biodiversity, keeping wildlife records and welcoming visitors to washing up the cups and keeping our paths accessible. As always, this award is actually a tribute to all the volunteers to give up their spare time to help Martineau Gardens thrive. We couldn’t do it with out you!

Pictured above, staff and volunteers celebrating the good news, by the vegetable beds, on one of the hottest days of the year. The beds which are organically maintained are well stocked with runner beans, summer salads and calendula flowers.

Grow Your Tenner November 25, 2013


A tranquil spot by the Paper bark maple

Donate to Martineau Gardens, via Local Giving

We’re not suggesting money grows on trees, but the Grow Your Tenner Match Fund campaign, organised by fundraising website, Local Giving, will match donations of up to £10 made to Martineau Gardens via their website, and make it grow. This means, if you give  £10 to Martineau Gardens, and it qualifies for Gift Aid, Martineau Gardens would receive £21.54.

Make it go further with Match Funds

Here’s how match funds work via Local Giving:

£10.00   Your donation

+ £10.00   Donation matched by

+ £ 2.50    Gift Aid (For UK taxpayers)

= £22.50

After a small processing fee, your £10 single donation with Gift Aid means that Martinau Gardens receives £21.54. A £10 donation without Gift Aid means the charity receives £19.16.

For supporters setting up regular monthly giving, new monthly donations set up during the campaign will be matched up to £10 for six months. Local Giving has £500,000 to allocate to small local charities, like Martineau Gardens. Local Giving will match donations until the £500,000 has been claimed. Donations made to Martineau Gardens via the website by our supporters will be matched pound-for pound up to £10 per donation. And if you qualify, gift aid can be claimed to add another 25%.

Please don’t delay, this regional campaign runs for a short period of time.

We are very grateful to those of you who already support us with regular monthly giving, if you don’t give regularly but have been considering it, giving on-line via Local Giving is a straightforward way and of enormous benefit to Martineau Gardens, regular donations help us plan the cash flow and make sure that essential needs are met.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Donate to Martineau Gardens, via Local Giving

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Fungi in the Woods November 28, 2011

Milk Cap, Martineau GardensMilk Cap


We have been appreciating the fungi in the woods today. I am told by BP our wildlife recorder, that the mild weather has extended the season for mushrooms and toadstools. Today I have just been shown wood blewit, milk cap, bell cap and a wonderful shaggy parasol nestling in piles of leaves in the wildlife area of the Gardens.

Identifying Mushrooms
Identifying Mushrooms

Why not come down to the Gardens this week and see if you can find any fungi? You’re welcome to borrow a field guide to help you with a fungus walk whilst you’re here. Have a look at these pages on the Woodland Trust’s website for further details.

Shaggy Parasol
Shaggy Parasol