Corporate Team Days

A team of community spirited staff from Avinson Young spent a full day at Martineau Gardens recently, volunteering their time, as part of their Day of Giving.

Team building days at Martineau Gardens 

An energetic day of practical activities for up to 12 people. The activities will depend on the time of year and are usually agreed a week or two before the booked date. Recent team building days have included the following activities:

Clearing and chipping brash and spreading the chippings on paths in the woodland.

Digging over and removing rubble from an uncultivated area of the Gardens.

Painting the interior walls of the Pavilion.

DIY tasks such as putting up security lights.

Gardening tasks including weeding, planting and tidying up borders. 

We are a small organisation, which means that there are associated costs to provide supervision and fulfil our health and safety obligations. If the employer is able to contribute towards the cost of the day, this will be greatly appreciated. The cost is in the region of £250 but we don’t want this  to be a deterrent and are happy to talk with you to give your team a productive day.  In the long term, we want to develop partnerships and grow support from the business community. 

Click here to find out what Avison Young achieved with us, here at Martineau Gardens on their ‘Day of Giving’.