Corporate Support making a difference

We had £20,000 to repurpose an unused space behind the Pavilion and transform it into a beautiful tranquil area for reflection that was also fully accessible to those with limited mobility. The design was discussed with volunteers and changed several times during the initial, arduous phase of clearing the land. We were very grateful to corporate volunteers from a range of businesses including The Charity Commission who gave their all on team-building days.  Having finally laid out the footprint of the garden and added a Keder House, we began moving out of our comfort zone and – and busting the budget. Enter our knights in shining armour: Amey, R and C Williams Ltd (a shout out to Tony and Jim), and a local building  supplies merchant who helped us complete the project to an exceptionally high standard, and with some cash to spare for finishing touches. We are extremely proud of all the hard work our volunteers put in creating the Pavilion Garden, but we couldn’t have done it without our corporate supporters. THANK YOU! 

The on-going development of this area and the continuation of the Therapeutic Horticulture Project would not have been possible without funding from Charitable Trusts and the long-term support of our corporate partners Jo Malone London, Nicholls Brimble Bhol Solicitors and the Co-op.

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