Courtyard Garden

Martineau Gardens is creating a beautiful new Courtyard Garden, thanks to the support from Jo Malone London. For the latest updates, read on!

Work is taking place now (Winter 2017 to Spring 2018), and the new area will be opened in June 2018. It includes two pools linked by a rill, an alpine scree garden, scented shrubs and flowering plants, improved hard standing surfaces and extended, improved wheelchair access.

Pictured here – volunteers and staff from Martineau Gardens and Jericho  – making preparations for the new courtyard garden

This beautiful new area is at the heart of the Gardens – between the woodland and the formal area,  it will open out the current courtyard which created a bottleneck during busy events and had worn out surfaces difficult for people with limited mobility to navigate. With the refurbishment of our Pavilion well under way, the Courtyard Garden development creates both a place to linger and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Martineau Gardens, and a welcoming approach to the Pavilion.

Volunteering is at the centre of how we work at Martineau Gardens. Our volunteers are involved in decision making. Comments and creative input have been gathered from all and the landscaping and gardening work will be achieved by volunteers, staff, local social enterprises and trusted professionals.

Martineau Gardens remains open during the landscaping work. Visitors are welcomed but there is more noise and more mud than usual; at times, some areas of the Garden will not be accessible. Look out for signs when you arrive, for information about what’s going on and the best route to access areas. Building work is not taking place on Saturdays.

Without the generosity of Jo Malone London, the Courtyard Garden would have remained a dream – Martineau Gardens appreciates the support we have received. For more information about Jo Malone London’s work supporting mental health, please visit here:

January Update – new ponds in snow

March Update – Jo Malone London staff volunteer for a day

Local Support:

We are grateful to local businesses who have supported this community-centred project with donations and discounts. In recognition of this, we have created a Local Business Supporters Page, please do visit this page to find out who is supporting us. If you run a business and want to help, please get in touch – and as a customer, if you’ve spotted a business you use, please thank them for their contributions.