Refurbishing the Pavilion

March 2017: Refurbishment of our buildings is well under way— social enterprise Jericho are waterproofing, insulating and painting the Pavilion. The former office has been transformed into a welcoming Reception area, with plenty of space for volunteers to relax and a brand new kitchenette. Cost of the project: circa £68k       Money raised so far (March 2017):       £51k

Why refurbish the Pavilion?

The Pavilion, though charming and  part of the character of Martineau Gardens, was never meant for winter use. It’s cold and hard to heat. The volunteer’s room is a narrow, draughty corridor. The kitchen is basic, the visitor’s room is dark, even on sunny days. The building looks less pleasant than it should, due to its poor state of repair. (Picture dated Autumn 2016)

The layout of the Pavilion limits our ability to hold events, particularly when the weather is inclement.

The layout of the Pavilion limits our ability to hold events, particularly when the weather is inclement.

A Make-over for the Pavilion

Refurbishing the Pavilion will make the space warmer, more comfortable, and more practical. We will save money on heating bills.

The Refurbishment will involve:

  • A wood burning stove
  • Secondary glazing on the windows
  • General repairs and surface work
  • New guttering and drainage
  • Complete rewiring
  • Significant changes to room layout
  • Refurbishment of the toilet block
  • A “buffer space” to reduce heat loss through doors
  • Asbestos removal
  • Sheep’s wool insualtion in the walls and roof
 Photo credits: Swaledale sheep, Lake District, photo by DAVID ILIFF, license: CC-BY-SA 3.0 sheep’s wool, photo credit: Shadowcat, wikicommons

Our Refurbishment Plans

Layout changes will provide:

∙ More space for events and school groups            ∙ A professional kitchen          ∙ Warmer, practical space

Click on image to view larger size:

Michales drawing - screen shot

What are the benefits of the refurbishment?

Martineau Gardens – where people, plants and wildlife meet

Our Pavilion is a hundred years old and is intrinsic to the ‘feel’ and special character of Martineau Gardens. By refurbishing the building, we prolong its life and use. A refurbished Pavilion will need less ongoing repair work. By cutting out energy usage, we’re protecting the wider environment as well.

The refurbished Pavilion will provide a much bigger classroom space. This will provide a better experience for local primary school children who come to the Gardens on environmental education visits, and extend the school visit season.

The Pavilion multi-functional space will provide a room for school groups, meetings, training, events and parties.  This will help us to increase our income from venue hire to help keep the Gardens open for everyone.


Our volunteers garden here all year round.  They need a warm dry place for breaks. Our refurbishment will involve re-locating volunteers’ space to the garden facing side of the Mollie Martineau Building (the current location of The Studio and Reception), which is more spacious and easier to heat than the current volunteers’ room in the Pavilion.

Photocredits: B Perry, A Curran, S Hill-Daniel, J Hill-Daniel. School children: National Association for Environmental Education


Martineau Gardens needs your help!

By donating the Refurbishment Appeal, you have the opportunity to convert your generosity to lasting impact, helping to keep the Gardens open and free for the people of Birmingham to visit.

Ways to donate:


   Cheque made out to ‘Martineau Gardens’

   By card – call 0121 440 7430 or call into reception on your next visit


A damselfly basking in sunshine by the pond, at Martineau Gardens

A damselfly basking in sunshine by the pond, at Martineau Gardens

Photocredit: Morgan Bowers