Earth Oven Baking Course 13/5 15/7 or 23/9 Monthly April to Sept

Come and learn how to bake outdoors on a wood-fired earth oven, in Martineau Gardens very own outdoor kitchen.

Pictured here, an Earth Oven Baking course taking place at Martineau Gardens last Autumn.

Choose from one of these identical courses on Saturdays: 13 May, 15 July or 23 September for an afternoon of baking and eating. Learning within the beautiful location of Martineau Gardens, join expert Earth Oven builder and chef, Lizzy Bean.

You’ll be able to learn:
– how to build and stoke the fire

– ingredients and how to prepare for an outdoor cook

– kneading dough to make bread rolls with homemade rosemary infused olive-oil.

– working with fire

Dates:  Sat 22 April, Sat 13 May, Sat 15 July, Sat 23 September

Times: 10am – 3pm

Cost: £40 per person, per course. Includes delicious food to eat! Booking in advance essential – please call Martineau Gardens on 0121 440 7430 for card sales. (Cash or cheque sales, to callers in person Monday to Friday)